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Let’s face it, black is the go-to color for almost everyone

Most of us focus in on the simple, classic black and white go-to pieces in our closet, while completely ignoring colors with names like fuchsia or chartreuse. In the perfect world, we would love to pop tags and wear a fabulous new outfit every day. But for most of us with limited wardrobe budgets, including myself, that is just not a reality. But we do have options….

Try refreshing your wardrobe with a little color, and a little confidence

You can do it! In reality, you can wear any color you want – it’s all about finding your most flattering shades and being willing to experiment.

Why are bright, fun colors so often overlooked?

We are secretly terrified of styling them the wrong way. Every woman has her own set of color matching rules that has been passed down – most of them restrictive, involving more don’ts than do’s. But in reality, you can wear more colors together than you think.

Try pairing your articles of clothing up with different ones from usual.

Bring out your shoes and jewelry. Mix and match textures and accessories. Shoes, jewelry, and accessories are the glue that hold your outfits together. They can add marvelous polish to an already-great ensemble, but they also have the magical ability to bridge gaps between seemingly unrelated or clashing pieces.