servicesCAYENNE, a high-pitch red, adds a dash of spicy heat to neutrals. This color represents passion, love and seduction. I’ve got chill’s already! Love this color! And, let’s not forget Ruby Woo Lipstick. Love that too!


HEMLOCK, this summery, ornamental green, provides a decorative touch that’s very different from the greens of recent seasons. Pair this versatile pastel with a bolder hue for an au courant look. This color generally stands for purity and innocence.


Scintillating might sound like a bold description for DAZZLING BLUE, but in light of navy, it’s really not that far off. Dazzling blue is a brighter version of navy and I bet you already have this color in your wardrobe, or in some cases, maybe as your hair color. This hue of blue represents confidence and vivacity.


Michelle Obama is a fan of RADIANT ORCHID, as well as Kate Middleton, who opted for a $100 Seraphine dress in this shade for her first official portrait with Prince George. This color represents someone with a romantic and heart and a deep thinker.


VIOLET TULIP, romantic and nostalgic as lavender water itself. This member of the purple family is becoming a wardrobe mainstay. This color is also very flattering on various skin tones


CELOSIA ORANGE , remember this is not your popsicle orange. This color was prominent in the spring and summer months this year, and continues to be just as prominent for the fall as well. This color represents someone who is optimistic and spontaneous.


SAND, lightly toasted and amiable neutral. One of my favorite go to colors for all seasons. This color conjures images of the each and carefree days of summer.